Friday, February 25, 2011

Building Cappuccino Framework on Ubuntu 10.10

I was supposed to learn the Cappuccino Framework but for some important tasks I had to postpone learning. And I thought I can share the single step I made for building the source code.

Step 1: Get Source Code

I tried to use the source code available on their website, but I had a problem with the script. So I used the source code on GitHub.

1- Install a git client
$ sudo apt-get install git

2- Get Source Code
$ git clone git:// cappuccino

Step 2: Install Needed Packages

Browse to the cappuccino folder and rub a bootstrap that will install any needed packages

cd ./cappuccino
Narwhal JavaScript platform is required. Install it automatically now?
Enter "yes" or "no": 
To use the default location, "/home/adly/narwhal", just hit enter/return, or enter another path:
Using Narwhal installation at "/home/adly/narwhal". Is this correct?
Enter "yes" or "no":
You must add Narwhal's "bin" directory to your PATH environment variable. Do this automatically now?
    "export PATH="/home/adly/narwhal/bin:$PATH"" will be appended to "/home/adly/.profile".
Enter "yes" or "no": 
Added to "/home/adly/.profile". Restart your shell or run "source /home/adly/.profile".
Before building Cappuccino we recommend you set the $CAPP_BUILD 
environment variable to a path where you wish to build Cappuccino.
This can be automatically set to the default value of "/home/adly/cappuccino/Build", or you can set $CAPP_BUILD yourself.
    "export CAPP_BUILD="/home/adly/cappuccino/Build"" will be appended to "/home/adly/.profile".
Enter "yes" or "no":

Note: On a fresh copy of Ubuntu 10.10, I had a message asking me to change from working with OpenJDK to SunJDK. So I had to install it first. And unfortunately it was no longer on the Multiverse section of the Ubuntu archive, so I searched to find the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository "deb maverick partner"
sudo apt-get update   
sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin
sudo update-alternatives --config java

Step 3: Compile Source Code

After restarting the shell, it is time to compile.
$ cd ./cappuccino/
~/cappuccino$ jake install
No command 'jake' found

~/cappuccino$ export PATH="/home/adly/narwhal/bin:$PATH"
~/cappuccino$ jake

Thanks to Randy Luecke for helping.

Getting and Building the Source
Sun Java moved to the Partner repository
Choosing the default Java to use


  1. I have a problem. I can't use 'jake' command even I exported path in the last row. I can't find any link which explain to install 'jake' on ubuntu. How did you install it?

    1. I did not use other external links. I just found the jakefile inside my directory after step 2. Maybe you can search for it inside your directory in case the paths changed in later versions.