Thursday, July 25, 2013

Reply Machine: Static XML/JSON replies for application testing

Update: Reply Machine is now Echo : A free online service to create custom JSON/XML/HTML/Plain replies for application testing.

As I'm moving forward with small applications for learning purposes, here comes a new web application: Reply Machine.

Reply Machine is a free online service to create static XML, JSON, and raw replies for application testing.
This service can help in a situation like when I need to create a simple reply that does not deserve to setup a local service, or when I want to integrate my application with a colleague who knows nothing about web development.

The idea is simple: 
  • Write the reply you wish to receive
  • Set the reply type (xml, json, raw data)
  • Hit the 'create' button.
The output is a link to use in your application for testing

There are some advanced options as well:
  • Delay: In case you want to delay the time between your request and server reply.
  • Encryption: If you have sensitive data in your reply, you can save the reply as an encrypted text and pass the password each time you request the reply. (the output URL has all you need, just try it)

Try it now

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