Monday, July 16, 2012

Full HTML5 Game Example with Crafty JS

A couple of days ago, I participated in a game jam called "Game Zanga". It was a three-day contest for game development with some conditions: in Arabic, related to a topic announced at the start of the three days (it was "Freedom"), and browser-based.

So it was a nice chance to test my knowledge and experience in game development (which is a new thing to me) and I decided to use Crafty (or maybe some call it CraftyJS). Crafty is a JavaScript game library using HTML5. One great power in Crafty is that it can use Canvas or DOM. Plus the concept of Components and Entities that allow you to develop the game in a OO style.

So, I thought I can post my code for anyone to learn from. Although it is not perfect code and it neads more refactoring and fine-tuning, it is still a good example of how a game can look like in Crafty. I almost did not need anything other than the API documentation on Crafty website (plus the tutorial if you are to start from the very beginning). So with decollapsing the code you'll immediately have a general overview of how the game code looks like, then collapsing the code can do the job to get to the details.

One important note, this game was intended to be an Arabic game, so here are some guidelines:
- The first icon in the home screen is the "Start" button.
- Once the game starts, you have two blue cannons on the left. Click any of them to use it.
- Your abjective is to let the blue soldiers pass ("unrwa" in code) and kill the green ones ("soldier" in code).
- Life points decrease if any green soldier passes.
- Your weapon is upgraded while playing.

Finally, you'll notice some faults in collision detection and a lot of other things in the code, but remember that it was made in only two days by me (a newbie) using Crafty which lacks the variety of full examples to learn from. Anyways, you'll get the idea of a full game in less than 1000 lines and then you can make your own best seller.

Here are some screenshots, followed by a download link.

Download game code here.

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