Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Book Review: Play Framework Cookbook

Ok, after some reading in parts of the book and touring some other parts (remember my previous entry?), here are my notes about this book. But first I have to mention the beckground I come from:
- Basically I come from a front-end development environment.
- C++ is my main interest, then comes Java.
- I've just started to learn Play framework and found it interesting to go deeper into.

Now let's get to the review:

1- From the book intro, the author indicated that proceeding with a Play tutorial plus some web developer skills—HTML and JavaScript. So I thought it would not be that hard to get started, and it wasn't at the very beginning, then it accelerated very quickly that I had to skip more parts chapter after chapter. Maybe I needed more that some knowledge or skills, I needed the "web culture".

2- I liked how the examples were introduced along with test cases. Examples on the internet may settle with some code and leave the testing to the user, so the book made it more professional.

3- Some code parts seemed to be eligible to be put inside real projects, not just dummy examples. They were well designed.

4- Most of the times I notice how the author tends to to stop at some part of the explanation or move faster. So I sometimes had the feeling that parts of the book were more like highlights.

5- This book can be useful as a reference while coding or preparing materials for a course/project. But not a solid tutorial to take (remember my background, it is still useful as I mentioned).

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