Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Developing My First Android Game

So, this entry is less about explaining and more about showing references. To come up with this game, I was studying and playing for a while with Qt/Python/Android code because I was not intending to come up with a real product. But anyways, it appeared that moving between languages is not that hard once you got used to it.

This is the very basic beginning of the game where I was learning the basics of game logic, the complete game should better go to the market that be posted as a project (sorry about that). But I guess the the coding is not much from this point. It is all about a better architecture of game objects/logic and graphics design (activity lifecycle, levels, special items, licensed graphics ... etc).

And do not worry about me posting the names and graphics, these are dummy names and graphics for learning :D

Here is a look at the game:

Download Project: here
(if you have problems with compilation, check the "target=android-10" line in "" file)

This is what I read, not all Android, but still logically helpful:
1- Tile-Based Games
2- Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python
3- Android Tutorial: How to make a basic game loop and FPS counter
4- Against the Grain: The Android Game Loop (the most help I could find)

Finally, this a great daily journal of an Android developer upgrading his game (Light Racer). I've read it a couple of months ago and had a great impact on how I think:
- The Light Racer 3D Development Journal

I hope I can find the time to complete the game and post it on the market.

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