Monday, April 25, 2011

My Career Shift - II

Okay, I made a schedule for the next phase. It is about three months long, but I hope it is useful as I thought. The main objectives of this phase are:
  • Strengthen my knowledge of Python.
  • Learn and apply the basics of AI, so I can decide the following phase depending on the current one.

The schedule is as follows:
  • It starts from 1 May 2011.
  • OS to use is Ubuntu 11.04. Just a normal usage to get used to it, so whenever I have to use it technically, I don't start from scratch. And because I want to be be free of cracked applications.
  • 2-week course to revise the basics of Python and cover the main modules. [1:14 May]
  • 1-week project to apply what I learned. [15:21 May] [project not decided yet]
  • 8-week course to start AI from the beginning. I didn't go deep anyways, but this time with applying the examples using Python. [22May:16July]
  • Reading about Software Product Management will get in the queue with other general books I read.
  • I should not put in mind the targeted platform for my future applications. I can watch the market carefully. But choosing the platform is not part of the current phase.

I try to use only free resources ...

Choosing Python, not Ruby:

Learning Python:

Learning AI:
I haven't decided the best place to learn AI yet. But till now the NPTEL course was an average one. I still have some time to find better books/resources.

If you have comments/suggestions, you are more than welcomed.


    1. بايثون طبعًا
      مين يختار روبي على بايثون؟

      انت ممكن لما تتقن بايثون تبقى تبص على روبي
      أهمية روبي الوحيدة في رأيي، هي الفريموورك روبي أون ريلز، وده بيستخدم في الويب فقط
      وفيه أكتر من فريموورك للبايثون بنفس القوة والأداء

      بس هل ليها شغل في مصر البايثون؟

    2. One of the best AI Books with Applications:

      but i have a question why Python ? why not Lisp for example it's a new paradigm language and was created by "john Mccarthy" one of the founders of the AI.

    3. you don't think of web at all ?!!
      if you do
      have a look at Django
      i have heard a lot of it

    4. First of all, thanks guys for caring :) ...

      @Kashef: Did not see it as a main requirement for developers in Egypt. But it is frequently used as a helping tool. And It has potential in many fields: web, databases, gaming; so it can help me in whatever platform and career I decide.

      @Feras: Well, I didn't have that in mind. I was thinking of a language I can use for many purposes and found that Python is a good option at this phase.

      @MAF: Yes, thought of it, not as a web developer, but as a front-end developer who may need some quick implemented back-end support. And yes, I heard a lot about Django.

    5. very nice good luck Adly

      i want to do some thing like this schedule