Saturday, November 13, 2010

Setting up Environment for AIR-Android Development

This entry will be for ONLY setting up the environment of Adobe AIR development on an Android virtual device, without any programming.

To do this, we will have to do some heavy download:
1- Android SDK []
2- Adobe Flash CS5
3- Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Extension for Adobe AIR 2.5 [flashpro_extensionforair_p1_102510.zxp]
4- Adobe AIR SDK []

After downloading all these stuff, lets install:
1- Adobe Flash Professional CS5

2- Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Extension for Adobe AIR 2.5
  • Beware, if you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, the installation will fail because you need some administrator privileges.
  • So you'll have to go to the 'exe' file of Adobe Extension Manager CS5 [for example, C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Extension Manager CS5] and right click on 'Adobe Extension Manager CS5.exe' and choose 'Run as administrator'. When it opens, choose File -> Install Extension and browse to flashpro_extensionforair_p1_102510.zxp

This is the Flash side. Now the Android SDK side:

3- Prepare the Android SDK
  • Extract ""
  • Open "SDK Manager.exe".
  • It will fetch some data from the internet and preview the available packages.
  • Install "SDK Platform Android" of the version you want [1.5, 1.6, 2.0, ...]
  • It will download packages from the internet.
  • Now from the left panel, choose "Virtual Devices" and create a new one, then start it and wait until it finished loading.

4- Install AIR Runtime to the virtual device
  • Extract "".
  • Now we want to install "AdobeAIRSDK\runtimes\air\android\emulator\Runtime.apk" to the virtual device we've just created.
  • Open the windows command line [from Start menu write "cmd" then press enter].
  • Browse the terminal to the Folder of "android-sdk-windows\tools"
  • Write "adb install " and write the path of AdobeAIRSDK\runtimes\air\android\emulator\Runtime.apk. example: "adb install c:\AdobeAIRSDK\runtimes\air\android\emulator\Runtime.apk"
  • It should start to write a couple of lines and then prompt that the installation is finished.

By now, you are ready to make AIR applications from Adobe Flash and run/debug the applications on the virtual device.


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