Friday, February 25, 2011

Building Cappuccino Framework on Ubuntu 10.10

I was supposed to learn the Cappuccino Framework but for some important tasks I had to postpone learning. And I thought I can share the single step I made for building the source code.

Step 1: Get Source Code

I tried to use the source code available on their website, but I had a problem with the script. So I used the source code on GitHub.

1- Install a git client
$ sudo apt-get install git

2- Get Source Code
$ git clone git:// cappuccino

Step 2: Install Needed Packages

Browse to the cappuccino folder and rub a bootstrap that will install any needed packages

cd ./cappuccino
Narwhal JavaScript platform is required. Install it automatically now?
Enter "yes" or "no": 
To use the default location, "/home/adly/narwhal", just hit enter/return, or enter another path:
Using Narwhal installation at "/home/adly/narwhal". Is this correct?
Enter "yes" or "no":
You must add Narwhal's "bin" directory to your PATH environment variable. Do this automatically now?
    "export PATH="/home/adly/narwhal/bin:$PATH"" will be appended to "/home/adly/.profile".
Enter "yes" or "no": 
Added to "/home/adly/.profile". Restart your shell or run "source /home/adly/.profile".
Before building Cappuccino we recommend you set the $CAPP_BUILD 
environment variable to a path where you wish to build Cappuccino.
This can be automatically set to the default value of "/home/adly/cappuccino/Build", or you can set $CAPP_BUILD yourself.
    "export CAPP_BUILD="/home/adly/cappuccino/Build"" will be appended to "/home/adly/.profile".
Enter "yes" or "no":

Note: On a fresh copy of Ubuntu 10.10, I had a message asking me to change from working with OpenJDK to SunJDK. So I had to install it first. And unfortunately it was no longer on the Multiverse section of the Ubuntu archive, so I searched to find the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository "deb maverick partner"
sudo apt-get update   
sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin
sudo update-alternatives --config java

Step 3: Compile Source Code

After restarting the shell, it is time to compile.
$ cd ./cappuccino/
~/cappuccino$ jake install
No command 'jake' found

~/cappuccino$ export PATH="/home/adly/narwhal/bin:$PATH"
~/cappuccino$ jake

Thanks to Randy Luecke for helping.

Getting and Building the Source
Sun Java moved to the Partner repository
Choosing the default Java to use

Thursday, February 10, 2011

RealPlayer Stream on Nokia: Unable to connect

I've been facing the message of "Unable to connect" when I stream any RTSP link like these:
  • [video] rtsp://
  • [audio] rtsp://

And after some observations, here is what I've found:

1- When RealPlayer asks for an internet connection and starts it, I often receive the message. But when I open a connection manually, I works fine.

2- Make sure that the access point given to RealPlayer is a working one:
Options -> Settings -> Streaming -> Network -> Access point in use

3- Make sure the WLAN bandwidth is set to a right value that suits your connection speed:
Options -> Settings -> Streaming -> Network -> Options -> Advanced settings -> WLAN bandwidth